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Hi Everybody!

Name: Mariah Carey

Name meaning: "God is my Teacher"

Height:5 Feet 9 Inches

Date of Birth: March 27, 1970

Astrological sign: Aries
Element: Fire (Of Course)

Born: Long Island, New York

Born to: Alfred and Patricia Carey

Siblings: Older brother, Morgan and older sister, Alison

Attended: Harborfield High School, Greenlawn, N.Y
Her Nick Name in High School: " Mirage "

Mariah is more than a statistical success, she is according to so many, just a sweet heart, a girl next door and a good person. Mariah has been so successful in so many ways and though she is GREATLY respected, she is still not recognized enough. Now with her new movie, I think she is going to 'WOW' even more of the critical population. People are constantly saying things to try and convince MC fans that she is full of it and doesn't really care that much about us. There is not a damn thing I can say about that except this, according to a former employee at Mariah's label, she works herself to death just to please us and make each record better and better. I am 20 years old, a singer and not easily impressed :) The only other person who has ever made me breathless with their accomplishments and such, was the late Otis Redding and Mariah. So why in the world would I, a very busy 20 year old , take out time to run a website for someone who is not sincere? Mariah is beautiful, strong, seems like she'd be a really fun friend, intelligent and a damn enigma or muse in the entertainment business. So in the words of Shaft, to all those critics, my volunteers and I say, Shutcho' mouth! Mariah is Stellar.

Mariah's Quote to be remembered:

"If you see me as just the princess, then you misunderstood who I am and what I've been through." Mariah Carey

Lovely Mariah

Mariah's Credits and Accomplishments-
1990 Mariah Carey
1991 Emotions
1992 MTV Unplugged
1993 Music Box
1994 Mariah Carey Merry Christmas
1995 Daydream
1996 Butterfly
1998 #1's
1999 Rainbow
2001- All That Glitters Soundtrack ( tentative )

Number One Singles-
1990 Vison of Love
1990 Love Takes Time
1991 Emotions
1991 Someday
1991 I Don't Wanna Cry
1992 I'll Be There
1993 Dreamlover
1993 Hero
1995 Fantasy
1995 One Sweet Day ( Most Popular )
1996 Always Be My Baby
1997 Honey
1998 My All
1999 Thank God I Found You
1999 Heartbreaker

1991 Mariah Carey: The First Vison
1992 MTV Unplugged +3 video
1993 Mariah Carey Fantasy
1998 Mariah Carey Around The World
1998 #1's
1999 The Bachelor
2001 All That Glitters
Tentatives: Rainbow Tour and Double-o-Soul

Major U.S. Awards-
1990 Three Soul Train Awards
1991 Two Grammy Awards
1991-1996 Six American Music Awards
1994 Two Rockefeller Center Awards
1999- Congressional Humanitarian Award
1999- NAACP Image Award



1970- Born on March 27 in Long Island,NY
1973- Parents Separate, Mariah and Morgan stay with Patricia Carey, while sister Alison leaves with Alfred Carey.
1986- Begins commuting to N.Y. City to write music with Ben Margulies
1987- Graduates from Harborfield High and moves to New York City
1988- Meets Tommy Mottola and signs record contract with Columbia
1990- Graces the public with a nine city tour, First album, Mariah Carey, is released and goes platnium, hits number one on the Billboard Charts. Four singles from the album hit number one and is nominated for 5 Grammy Awards
1991- Wins two Grammy Awards, second album is released, Emotions hits number one.
1992- Performs on MTV Unplugged. I'll be There, becomes her 6th number one.
1993- Marries Tommy Mottola, Music Box is released, two more singles go to number one.
1994- Tours, Christmas Album is released.
1995- Releases Daydream, gets involved with Fresh Air Fund and produces two more number ones.
1996- Separates from Tommy Mottola.
1997- Releases Butterfly, divorces Tommy Mottola, begins taking acting lessons.
1998- Named female with the most number one singles of all time when My All, hit number one to become her 13th number one. Sings duet with Whitney Houston, Wins Oscar for When You Believe.
1999- Rainbow, is released, Album sales approach 100 million, appears in The Bachelor.
2000- Tours for her album, Rainbow. Begins filming All That Glitters, works on the soundtrack.
2001- All That Glitters will be released.

Album Tracks-

Mariah Carey 1990
* Vison of Love
There's Got To Be A Way
* I Don't Wanna Cry
* Someday
All In your Mind
Alone In Love
You Need Me
Sent From Up Above
* Love Takes Time

Emotions 1991
And You Don't Remember
Can't Let Go
Make It Happen
If It's Over
You're so Cold
So Blessed
To Be Around You
Till The End of Time
The Wind

MYV UnPlugged 1992
If It's Over
*Vision of Love
Make it Happen
I'll Be There
Can't Let Go

Music Box 1993
Anytime You Need A Friend
Music Box
Now That I Know
Never Forget You
Without You
Just to hold you once Again
All I've ever wanted

Merry Christmas 1994
Silent Night
All I Want For Christmas Is You
O' Holy Night
Christmas ( Baby Please Come Home )
Miss You ( Most At Christmas Time )
Joy To The World
Jesus Born on This Day
Santa Claus is Comin' To Town
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Gloris ( In Excelsis Dea )**
Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child

Daydream- 1995
Underneath The Stars
*One Sweet Day
Open Arms
*Always Be My Baby
I Am Free
When I Saw You
Long Ago
Melt Away
Fantasy Interlude ( Sweet Dub Mix )
Looking In

Butterfly 1996
*My All
The Roof
Fourth of July
Close My Eyes
Whenever You Call
Fly Away ( Butterfly Reprise )
The Beautiful Ones

#1's 1998
*X*When You Believe
*X*Whenever You Call/ With Brian McKnight
My All
Always Be My Baby
One Sweet Day
Fantasy Feat. ODB
I'll Be There
I Don't Wanna Cry
Love Takes Time
Vision of Love
*X*I Still Believe

Rainbow 1999-
Mariah's Theme
How Much
After Tonight
Heartbreaker Re-Mix
Against All Odds
Did I do That?
Rainbow Interlude
Thank God I Found You

Music Videos-
Vision of Love
Love Takes Time
I Don't Wanna Cry
There's Got To Be A Way
Emotions Re-Mix
Make It Happen
Can't Let Go
I'll Be There
If It's Over
Endless Love
Without You
Never Forget You
Anytime You Need a Friend
All I Want For Christmas is You
O'Holy Night
Joy To The World
Jesus Born On This Day
Miss You (Most at Christmas Time)
Underneath The Stars
One Sweet Day
Always Be My Baby
Open Arms
Honey ( Bad Boy Re-Mix)
My All
The Roof
When You Believe
I Still Believe
Heartbreaker Re-Mix
Mariah's Theme
Against All Odds
Thank God I Found You
Thank God I Found you Re-Mix
New Version- O'Holy Night
Special Edition- All I Want For Christmas Is You

Heartbreaker you got the best of me...


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