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* Letters to Mariah! *
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How to enter...


How you get them on here....

I must open up my hands and watch you fly...



It's not too hard! All you have to do,
is write it up and send it! That's
the easy part! The hard part
is figuring out exactly
what to say!

Rules are:

* Letters can only be about
a page and a half long,
email me for exceptions, if needed.
* Please check your spelling and grammar,
it makes it easier for me, but don't worry
if you mispell a bunch of words, I will
correct it for you!
* Put into your letters, what you
would say to Mariah if she were
standing right in front of you
( no, you don't have to write
I'm freaking out! and Boohoo or anything)
just pretend you admire her as a person!
* Always sign Mariah's Songbook,
so I have your email stored!

*Always type in your email address
at the end of your letter for verification,
before you send it to me.

*** All you have to do now is hit
(at the top of the page) Get
a butterfly to send me some mail,
and you will automatically get
the Letters to Mariah mailbox.
Pour your heart out!
Also be sure to email me with the
email subject being** Letter
or poem to mariah, and let me
know first that you want to
submit a poem or letter,
then I will give you a code.
**Next,when you send the
letter or poem, where it
says email subject, put the
code that I give you
there and send your letter or poem!

I will NOT allow hate letters on here.
Go to an anti-Mariah site. If you have
a problem with this site go to people
who don't like her. I know a lot of you
MC haters like to write nasty messages and
make us feel bad. It's one thing to give
your opinion and another to be straight up rude, so please, all I ask is "not on my site."
So all of you " BIANCA'S " out there, stop hating MC!

What's so great about that Mariah girl?


Please don't ever think even a small, but meaningful note of encouragement to Mariah isn't good enough to be Letter of the Month!
If there is something special behind your words, I'll find it!


Send it in!