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Mariah Methods-

Dear Mariah fans,
believe it or not, we can make a big difference in Mariah's popularity. Mostly online in polls and voting stations. It made seem stupid or maybe even a little superficial, but Mariah deserves to be number one. Now shouldn't the people who can actually sing and make a difference, be at the top?

The banner below, is for our newest campaign, "There's Got To Be A Way" it in fact has it's own webpage. The idea, is to display the banner on your page. And under each banner will be a different link to vote for Mariah somewhere online. Lets make Mariah number one online! Click on the banner to take part! Thanks to the "Mariah Finding Her Rainbow" website for your help and participation.

Support Mariah, join the There's Got To Be A Way Projcet Now!

Wanna leave a message for Mariah? Give her words of encouragement and praise? Or just talk to other fans and get to know eachother? This is the place to do it, if you want to talk generally about Mariah!

Leave a Message for Mariah!

The People Mariah Carey Poll!

Got a crush on Mariah? Or just want to make her the most wanted girl online? Click here!

Try and prevent the runors!!

Lifetime and Mariah-
You can find the button for this
project on our home page.
It is a project to write
enough letters to Lifetime,
to get Mariah on Intimate Portrait.
A show that honors women of all
artistic professions for their
inspiration to others and their
struggles. Please request a button,
if you have a site, or go write a
letter to Lifetime for Mariah.

Get Mariah on Lifetime!


Mariah can knock the competition right outta the ring with your help!

Click here to tell us about your projects!