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This Month:Mariah's Magic
Webmistress: Alisha

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Alisha of Mariah's Magic

Mariah's Magic is run by Alisha. Not only is the beauty of the site eye catching, but the coolest feature in my opinion are the programs from Mariah's Tours and the extensive gallery. But, as usual we are gonna get inside the Webmasters thoughts about Mariah!
By Marina

L2M:When was your site created?
MM:December 6th, 1999.
L2M:What are it's best features and what can it offer to MC fans?
MM:I have three out of four tour books in galleries, and a massive cover art section that will soon have bootlegs.
L2M: How is it unique from other sites?
MM: It changes just about every day, there's always something new.
L2M:Here we get a little personal. If you could make your own #1's album, what would you include?
MM: Thank God I found You, Heartbreaker,Butterfly, Close My Eyes, Honey, Always Be My Baby, Breakdown, Without You, Dreamlover and Love Take Time.
L2M: Great choices! If you were a friend of Mariah and she asked you what 2 songs she should cover next, what would you suggest?
MM: "Smile" By Nat King Cole and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen.
L2M: I Love Smile! Anyway, If you could choose Mariah's next album name, describing what you think of her what would it be?
MM: " It's All About The Fans "
L2M; Ain't that the truth! Anyway, If Mariah was to write a song describing the way you feel about her, what would it be?
MM: Same situation as Mariah Carey Dreamlover's answer, Never Alone. Because taking out the differences between us and Mariah and I have kind of followed the same path of defeats and conquers.
L2M: Lastly, What is your favorite Mariah song, album and duet?
MM: Album, Rainbow.Song, Always Be my baby, TGIFY. Duet, I'll Be There, with Trey Lorenz.
Thank you so much Alisha from Mariah's Magic for this great Interveiw. It's always fun to see people's different answers to these questions. I am proud to have interveiwed such an amazing site as Mariah's Magic!

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Left to Right; Alisha of Mariah's Magic and her favorite Mariah picture. Courtesy of Mariah's Magic.

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