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* Letters to Mariah! *
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My letter to Mariah


For Mariah Carey....A*K*A* Madame Butterfly


In the beginning...............

Dear Mariah,

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a singer. All I did was sing and dance..
When you came out with your first single, I was so amazed by your octaves and the beauty of your voice. You looked like you could be part of my family or something! I adored you and still do! As a young girl it is always good to have someone to look up to in the profession you wish to pursue. You were, among others, like Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge, Whitney Houston and many more people I looked up to.

Yellow Spinning 5 Point Star

Now, throughout the years, I've gotten to know you, the best i could without really knowing you. The more I learned about you,the more I understood your music and what you meant. Your lyrics are beautiful and touching. I plan to make it, not as a solo artist, but as a group with four other girls. I hope when I get there, I will be able to tell you about this in person! And I hope we can work together on a beautiful song!

I feel connected to you, because of the things you have been through, are very similar to what I've been through. That is why you are so loved by so many! You can put your feelings out there and allow us to come in and relate! You are a wonderful human being and I can only wish the best for you! I hope the day we can work together will be soon!


Our Mariah


A Vision- ( Our Mariah )

You are my hero,
since the very first day.
And I need you to know,
and I just have got to say:

To the girl with the vision,
who gave us her emotions.
With a voice so unreal, sounds like a music box from heaven.
She once daydreamed of where she is today,
and now flies high like a butterfly,
to the end of the rainbow, where we are waiting.

So, for the girl with a vision,
thank god WE found you.

freeform by Marina aka HarmonyDiva

That isn't the greatest thing, I could possibly write, but it says it all. We are lucky to have a hero like you
Love Always,