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LettersToMariah.Org (Heartbreaker Editon)


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News Lounge


This month, we have a great amount of scattered subjects. Most of the subjects we write stories about, are what you (Mariah Fans) think are very important issues. We have gossip in LaQuanda's Lair, a new look alike from Atlanta Georgia and more. So enjoy! And if you would like to suggest a topic for us to write about click on the link below!

New News-2/12
On TRL, Dave was hosting today and when 98 degrees came on he mentioned their grammy nomination with Mariah.

New News-Mariah on MTV Make-ups and Break-ups-
February 10th, Mariah was on MTV make-up and break-ups. They showed her wedding, old and new pictures of her, Derek Jeter, Luis Miguel and her talking about being in love.Also, her transition from the days she wore long dresses and was more covered up, to now in her more revealing fashion stage. She even sang a few lines about how much in love she was. I am positive it will be re-played again on MTV, so keep your eyes peeled.

Best Love Song Ever-

On AOL, they had a poll. The poll was to nominate the best love song ever. Mariah came up 9+ times in the category. To give you an idea of what people chose? I nominated My All, and others nominated, When I Saw You, I'll Be There, Endless Love, Always Be My Baby, Hero, Forever, One Sweet Day and Without You. Just to give you an idea. Mariah IS the quenn of love songs anyway and she obviously can keep a tight grip on the title. Go Mariah!

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Okay we have some small features here, one of them being about yet another Mariah look-alike. Her name is Lois and she is from Atlanta, Georgia. Lois is a model who happens to resemble Mariah, she says. On her regular modeling jobs, she doesn't model as A Loook alike, but does work as one for the past year.


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Rainbow Tour Still has fans Emotional...
by Marina

On Letters To Mariah, we really believe in helping other webmasters, sponsoring and exposing their projects. So, Valentina from Mariah Carey Sunlight, has put together a wonderful project called RAINBOW TOUR EMOTIONS. It is an interactive site, where you can tell your stories of 1999's Rainbow Tour and what you experienced. So click on the banner below and talk about your experience! So, we interveiwed the creator, Valentina of Mariah Carey Sunlight, and asked her a few questions about this great organization!
Marina:Why did you create Rainbbow Tour Emotions?
Valentina:I created the RTE page, because I wanted to publish the emotions and the feelings of who, like me, loves Mariah and was present at the Rainbow Tour.
M:What does your project offer to fans?
V:My projects offer to Mariah fans the possibility to know other fans and other same feelings and emotions. [I think that the Mariah fan emotions are the same]
M:Thats a great way to make freinds! Why did you pick above all, the Rainbow Tour? Beside the fact that it's the most recent tour.
V: I chose the Rainbow Tour, because I saw Mariah's Milan [Italy] Rainbow Tour for the first and only time.
M:When did you experience the Rainbow Tour?
V:February 17, 2000 and I remember the day as the most important day of my life!
M:Wow! I bet that would make Mariah feel special to know! If you could describe the experience in one word, what would it be?
M:Lastly, what do fans have to do to join and is it easy?
V:To join my page fans have one simple step, click on the banner below and send me their story and copy that same banner below for their site [If they have one] and that's all!
Marina: Okay, MC fans. It's simple and easy to do, is a great way to meet other fans and a great way to share a special part of why you love Mariah so much. Hey, we all have Mariah stories, I don't think there is one person I know who just says,I like her music. It's always so much more. I know that the Rainbow Tour was a huge turning point for many Mariah fans. And for that I have even more respect for Mariah.

-Reveiw of Rainbow-
"What began on Butterfly as a departure, ends up on Rainbow, a progression. Perhaps the first compelling proof of Carey's True colors as an artist."-Danyel Smith EW-


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Here are your February MariahScopes!

CAPRICORN-Don't be too much of a Heartbreaker this month, what goes around comes around!
AQUARIOUS-Anytime You Need A Friend, look inside your self for the wisdom you need.
PISCES-Love is in the air and you are a romantic fool, keep on looking for that Dreamlover!
Aries-This month it is time to chill out and take in the Bliss.
Taurus-Don't rush in to any relashionships too fast this month! Remember, Love Takes Time!
Gemini-Don't have a Honey this Valentine's Day? It's okay, that just means your free to fly solo.
Cancer-You may feel a certain amount of Vulnerability, due to the fact that it's a lovey-dovey month, but don't put that guard down and keep your head straight!
Leo-Someone told you they can't live, Without You? Don't get scared, approach it with a calm mind.
Virgo-So your baby might be away from you this month, don't worry, they'll Never Forget You.
Libra-Don't be shy in asking someone to be your Sweetheart. It could result in a storybook romance.
Scorpio-If you want something, Make It Happen, no matter what it may be. You have the power.
Saggitarius-Just because you don't have something you want at this momnet, doesn't mean you won't get it, Someday.

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Mariah and The King of Pop...
TGIFY, nominated for a Grammy...

Hello faithful Mariah fans!
How do you like our new design? Anyway this is big Q here to discuss all of your Mariah gossip. So there are a few things going around about Mariah, one RUMOR, is that Miss Carey and the King Of Pop himself, Micheal Jackson, will be doing a duet together. Though we don't quite know what to expect when Micheal's album comes out (due in April) one thing that is burning everyone's mind, is will we here the Butterfly Diva on there? Next, is the FACT that Thank God I Found You, is nominated for a Grammy! And Mariah is especially pleased with that one, it being a very special song to her. Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals, hmmm sounds like a good category for MC.Hope fully for a change, someone REALLY talented will win this year! Oops. Did I say that? Another little fact we found through the wire, is that Mariah wears $30 silk black shades to bed, with crystals spelling out "PussyCat". reeeer.

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*Here is a nice story from one of our Club members Ivy*

About 4 months ago, I mentioned to my friend Jill that she should sing one of Mariah's songs at her choir concerts and she agreed. She told her instructor and he loved the idea. So after that, everyone wanted to sing one of Mariah's Songs, we even had duets with girls and boys, it was great. They sang, Whenever You Call, Hero, Looking In, Open ArmsMariah's Theme and Against All Odds. When one girl sang Mariah's Theme, she had a little story to go with it before she sang. Then after all of the singers were done, they had to turn to tell how Mariah inspired them in a way and almost cried! After that, they let me get up there and talk about Mariah and I told them about when I started listening to her, how she inspired me and they let me do it, because it was pretty much my idea to pay tribute to her. If Mariah ends up ever seeing this, I hope she will know that I listen to her everyday for about 9 years now. Right now I have her Christmas CD on as I write to you. It's so funny too because I play my Mariah CDs in class at school and everyone knows I love her. (You should see my locker!)I'm so happy that you wanted to know more about my school doing that, I didn't think anyone would really care. Thanks for listening,
Ivy Schaefer

Webmaster: Now, there are so many reasons for me to love this site. Though it's a lot of work and there are a bunch of us keeping it together, I love the fan club and the interaction we do. Finding ways to help Mariah, making graphics, working with other Webmasters, etc. The best part is when Mariah gets mail (which is at least between 5 to 10 pieces a day)and we go through all of it talking to the authors and deciding who will be next for that month. It's fun and these people, oh my god, have such a huge amount of love and respect, mostly faith in her, that it is so incredibly inriching to be part of that. The best part of all, about having L2M.Org, is when fans write letters to us, telling US why they love her and just chatting with us. We often find an little piece of inspiration in each letter we read. I know this may sound over the top, but even though my site isn't huge and doesn't really get much recognition or exposure, I love all of Mariah's Fans so much. It is good that you admire someone with such a beautiful spirit and genuine heart like Mariah. I do believe it has worn off on all of you.
Thanks A Lot,

If there is anything you'd like to contribute to this page, please e-mail us.