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LettersToMariah.Org (Heartbreaker Editon)

L2M Heartbreaker Edition!

"There's heartbreakers all over the land,
honey..and they need to be stopped!"
-Mariah Carey

Yellow Beating Heart

**February Up-Dates**

Welcome Mariah Fans and Visitors,
we hope you like the new design, we did have to change the site a little. Anyhow, it's February the month of love and we have the special Heartbreaker edition for you! This will feature promo and video Heartbreaker pictures. So enjoy and take a look at what we have for this month!

Home: New Pictures and design! This month's Mariah-Toon
About Mariah: Total chronology, cd track listings and awards info. All about Mariah!
Newslounge: We have bits and peices this month! Gossip with LaQuanda about the latest Mariah news, read our news stories and features that will defintely keep your attention! Also, veiw this motnh's Mariah look-alike! Also, read about how the Rainbow Tour has still got fans feelin' Emotions! Read our story and Interveiw with a Rainbow Tour Lover! And how she would like to preserve the memories.
Gallery: All Heartbreaker pictures and screen caps! The original or the re-mix, we have them all.
Lamb's Circle: We have a our first group of members and a chat schedule for this month! Read our updates and register to join!
Ask Mariah Fans: An all new question this month! Think ya' got what it takes to answer these questions about Mariah? Send them in!
Fan Letter: This month's letter is from a young fan, Janet. Her story is touching and beautiful.
Interveiw: Last month was our freind Alisha from Mariah's Magic, this month is with webmaster Gil, from Mariah Finding Her Rainbow. This site is top in Mariah design! You'd be a fool to reject Gil's design talent.
Mariah Methods: All new updates on our Lifetime and Mariah project, also new voting links for Mariah
Links and contact: Write personal letters to Mariah Uma or us! New links in our link directory!
So, please enjoy your visit and take time out to read what we have to say. It will most likely keep your attention! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Before you leave....
You must:
Sign Mariah's Soingbook (guestbook) Now, I know there are two [I laugh]which was a glitch on our site, so we are trying to get rid of the first one, the pink one. Please sign the red one, that one will show up, sorry for the confusion! You really must veiw our Heartbreaker Gallery, it has really great pics from both videos. Definetely go to oue new fan fiction section, there is a great cute story in there. And just enjoy yourself and please take the POLL in the NEWSLOUNGE, for your favorite Mariah video!

Most recent Meassge....

Newest Mariah Message-

Mariah: Ok. I'm reading. I'm scrolling through [laughs] I'm scrolling through this lovely artwork [laughs] that you guys have prepared for me and for eachother and it's classic, I'm sorry but you're really, really making me laugh. Yeah! You brought a nice smile to my face. I'm nursing a cold right now, so umm, I sound like a complete mess [laughs] I'm sorry we're just like, scrolling through this and it's really funny. Anyway, Umm I answered, I guess, I'm not sure how 20 or so? And they are going to be up on the site Monday. Umm and I hope I did an ok job. I kinda' felt like one of those people you write in and that you're like, a columnist that's answering people's...but I'm not equipped for that. So, I hope my answers are okay. But anyway, you guys are the best. I love you much! And I love you, love you much! And I will talk to you soon! Bye!

Click Here!

-New Message-

Mariah: Lamb's! Hi! Yeah, I do believe I'm in the middle of a [whole] bunch of drama. But what I'd like to say is, if it's gonna make them happy to keep me in the drama, I'ma stay in the drama! But, no, no, no seriously, I'm working hard and I'm working hard to be able to basically, just get through the day, each and every day. But that's what we all do. And I do believe that your letters reflect that. And I wanted to say that I have been reading the letters. I know you guys think that it's like a complete long shot, that I'm not, but really, really I have. Listen to this [Ruffles Paper] Those are all of the letters and I'm writing my responses down so that you guys can get them and know that I really care and it really means a lot to me, what you say, the stories you tell me and what your asking me and I'm trying to be as correct as possible in answering these things. And I'm still working on my soundtrack and the movie is coming along really well. And I'm so excited about the movie! Tatum Tots is here. Say [Hi] Mary Ann.
Mary Ann: [Hello!]
Mariah: Jillian is here.
Jillian: [Hello.]
Mariah: And we are just looking at the website and I don't understand why, I mean not that you guys are gonna answer this for me, but why are the videos so blurry? I mean is that a problem that I need to deal with? Help me out. No, honestly, with all the jokes and all the nonsense I call up with, I know it's hard for me because my way of dealing with, when I'm in a kinda' like bad place, is turning it into a joke which sometimes gets me through it. But, honestly, what I want to say is, I appreciate you so much that looking at these letters just, yeah, you bring a nice tear to my eye sometimes. That's good cause' I kinda' need to release that energy as well. So, I love you, I appreciate you, I enjoy you and I revere you in the highest regardand ie, you keep me alive. So hey! [Sigh] We're gonna get through the srtuggles. We're gonna get through the dramas and I'm gonna see you at, I think it's gonna be called [Glitters] now. So, ummm, ya heard? Holla' Back. Ya' Holla' back. [Bye!]

Read it Here!

Yellow Beating Heart

Okay, I think just about everyone knows that Mariah left a video message on her site at It's a great site, if you haven't seen it, check it out! We have the full transcript of the message she left here.

Mariah: [HI] I'm here in Aspen working. Well, first of all I'm trying to relax and get in the Christmas spirit. And I'm also working on the music for the soundtrack for my first movie, "All That Glitters", which is hopefully going to be out, the first single from that in possible June or July.
I have a whole recording studio set up outside. And basically I wake up, walk out, sing, go back to sleep and look at the nice Christmas lights and things of that nature.
"Thank God I Found You" was a very important single for me and I was at a really good place in my life. It was Valentine's Day and I felt like it would be a good idea to try and give something back.
After I did the commercials for the adoptive services in New York and they told me the increase and I met some of the kids and they were so amazing. And, you know, it was just sad. I feel that there are people who aren't very aware of even aboutgoing about doing this, so I just wanted, I felt really close to the cause and felt that it is something that I could maybe, you know, help increase awareness for.
My royalties from the song are going to go to the National Adoptive Center. Basically last year it was just in New York where the commercials ran and they said they had a big increase and so I wanted to try and do it nationally. My plans for Christmas are basically I am going to be working on my soundtrack up until the 22nd and after I'm going to proceed to do my ususal Santa Claus duites for basically everybody I know. [Bye]

*All messages are retreived from Mariah Carey.Com, by Letters To Mariah*

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** This Month's Mariah toon by Marina. Thanks to Gil from Mariah Finding Her Rainbow, for putting the beautiful rainbow hue to the graphic. ** \/ -->
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