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**NEW** Interaction and Lamb's Circle Fan Club Section.

This our newest section for Interaction. Also, though it's a newborn project, we have started a fan club called The Lamb's Circle. Learn more about it and how you can join.

This section includes the all new chat forum, The L2M Chat Vault. Monthly new chat schedules will be posted for moderated chat times. One of the volunteers from Letters to Mariah will lead discussions on Mariah Carey. Things we can do to help her and news going around about her. The first stream of Chat schedules will be posted in February of 2001.

The Lamb's Circle-
The Lamb's Circle has a few missions. One of them is to unite fans around the world and give them a place to retreat as well as familiar people to talk to. When you become a member, your name will be listed in this section,along with your e-mail or ICQ number. That is optional though. Our biggest mission of all, which will hopefully fly next year for Mariah's Birthday, is the Lamb's Circle Tribute CD to Mariah. What will happen is if you are a member, you send a recorded message to our base in New Orleans, LA. Then we will burn it onto a CD. Also The club will go over a list of songs to put on the CD, that describes Mariah. Knowing the amount of people who will send casettes for the CDs, it will probably have to be about three CD's or at least that will be the limit. It is a very big goal, because it is a big deal. If the CD thing doesn't fly, Letters to Mariah will still send your tapes to Mariah's Fan (Official) club. So, if you want to be a part of that, join us and hopefully we can have that done by Mariah's next birthday.** You must be a member to participate in these projects**

The above banner will be downloaded to be on your page somewhere. Not neccesarily your home page, because the clutter can get really annoying we understand. But, it must be somewhere.

If you become a member, you will get e-mail updates The Lamb Letter, every month along with The Letters to Mariah, newsletter. And theses will include chat schedules. Due to the lives that all of us have, we might have to change the chat times, but we hope to have them the same time every month. So Join up today!

Mariah in pink

Fan Club Benefits-
Not only will you be a part of any Mariah fan book making and the CD project, but you will be a member of our Chat Vault and frequently have access to our messageboard. It's a little like an online community, except the abuse in the world wide web won't occur. We will discuss Mariah and more. Then there will be a fan club online chat meeting twice a month. It isn't necessary to attend but would be somewhat of a requirement to attend once every two months, or we might have to reconsider your membership. The point of the meetings are to talk about ways to support MC and doing things for her. So, join in today if you want to have a really great time and make a lot of new friends!

Members and Guests, Chat here!

Leave messages on our message board!

The Lamb's Circle is totally free. The only time you will ever have to pay for anything, is for shipping to our Base, if you are participating in something. All you have to do to join request an applican'ts form. We will send you a form to fill out. They are basically fun questions and we will keep them on file to note that you are an official memeber. So, join now!

Join Now!