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January 2001 Question:
From: Nemo

How many octives does Mariah have, exactly?

Response from Maureen-
Mariah has 8 octives, exactly!
Thanks Maureen!

Mariah has 7 or 8 octives. She proved wrong a lot of people who didn't think that was possible.

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Mariah Questions

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December 2000 Question sent in by:

Mariah Fan asked, what Mariah's First performance was?
Her first official performance was at age 6, she sang a song called, " Honey Bun " in the musical South Pacific. Mariah in a sailor suit then and in Honey now her dancers!
-Gina Lowe

For David, last month:
You can hear a sample of Endless Love on SonicNet.
-Carly Gemelle

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