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January 2001-


January's Letter:
From: Sameera


Okay, this section is generally MADE for Mariah! But, all of you are so great about the letters on here. I always get mail about the letters that I choose and how sweet and touching they are. I just hope Mariah would feel the same way about these letters if she ever saw L2M! I am so glad to have all of you writing me about this site and how you like everything. I don't need people to send me news or special e-mails, but the letters from you to me about this site always make me and my staff happy! So read on and enjoy November's Letter.
MC fans are the Greatest,


Blue Growing Fancy Snowflake

January's Author:

Sameera has over 42 poems/songs at her young age and hopes one day Mariah will hear, read or sing one. Sameera loves to write and is very talented. She hopes to write songs for Mariah Carey to sing in the future.

Blue Growing Snowflake

January 2001-
Song by: Sameera

What Kind Of-

Baby what kind of way
You want me to pay
I said I'm sorry
So just forget yesterday

Just forgive me
I need you
Don't leave me
Please don't walk away

Baby what kind of heart you have
I really need to know
Open your heart to me again
Just let the pain go

Just forgive me
I need you
Don't leave me
I love you
So don't walk away

Baby what kind of pain
Do you want me to feel
I'm gonna say it once again
I'm sorry
Can't you believe?

Just forgive me,
I need you
Can't you see
I want you
So baby stay

Baby what kind of "Bye"
Do you want me to say?
If you want me to die
I'm gonna do it today

Please baby forgive me
I love you
I need you
Don't leave me
Just stay

** This song was written for Mariah to sing, by Sameera.**

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