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The Mariah Adventures:Fan Fiction

The Mariah Adventures: Story One
"The Meaning Of True Beauty"
by Marina

Mariah The Maiden

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a village.The village was filled with simple people, who lived simple lives and worked hard. Because they were so tucked away from the mainstream, they only had eachother and that village. They learned from eachother, befriended eachother and grew together. One day the smallest little girl in the village, was in deep thought about beauty and the world. She thought in her little mind-I know there is such a thing as beauty, but what is the truest beauty of all? She decided to go and ask some villagers what the meaning of true beauty was. So, she went to ask a lady on the corner, who sells the most fragrant of flowers, what the meaning of true beauty was. "What is the meaning of true beauty, dear lady?" asked the girl. The lady Looked to the sky and then pulled out a pink fresh flower and replied, "well, I know my flowers are the most beautiful in all the land, but I don't really know what TRUE beauty is, why don't you go ask the shoemaker, he knows much." The lady handed her the flower and the girl was then on her way.The girl skipped around to another corner and went to the shoemaker. She stepped inside and asked "What is True Beaty?" The shoemaker removed his dusty cap and scratched his frizzy hair. " Well, I know that my crystals are beautiful," as he motioned to a group of sparkling crystals. "but I don't know if it's true beauty, why not go ask the Mayor?" he said handing her a small crystal. So once again, the girl was on her way, but this time to the center of town, where just about everything went on. She walked up behind the Mayor, he was loudly boasting the benefits of the town and she backed away. Then she tugged at the bottom of his coat. "Well," he said "how can I help you my dear?" " Mayor, I have been to the Flower Lady and The Shoemaker, to see if they could answer a question for me." By this time she drew almost the whole working town's attention. " I was wondering if anyone at all knew what true beauty was?" The Mayor looked all around with a chuckle, "I can't say that I know" The town's people were buzzing, looking around to see if anyone knew. Then stepped out of the crowd the town's most lovely girl. They called her, Mariah. She wore peasant clothes, but they seemed to sparkle and shine on her. She looked at the crowd with a pure sweetness in her eyes, and smiled. Her hair blew around gently and fluttered like butterfly wings and her rosy cheeks were bright. She moved to the large fountain in the middle of town and sat upon the edge, boosting the little child onto her lap. Then, Mariah's eyes filled with a tear and her heart swelled with pride as she began to sing. The town was silenced and in awe, wondering how it was possible, to make such a beautiful sound with your voice, rather than an instrument. The town minstrels, joined Mariah in song. The little girl handed her the pink flower and Mariah weaved it into her hair. The little girl, with stars in her eyes, looked up at Mariah, as if when she would sing, she was remarkably changing her life. When Mariah finished, she looked at the little girl and said, "True beauty is different to all of us, as the Flower Lady thinks her flowers are the most beautiful, you may think the sun is." Mariah said But the little girl said "No," and smiled at Mariah. "I never knew what true beauty was, until I heard you sing" and the villagers had to agree. For only an angel could have a voice so sweet. And that was the day, the people found out the meaning of True Beauty.

The End


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