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Interveiw With a WebMaster....

February Interveiw:
Webmaster: Gil
Website: Mariah Finding Her Rainbow


Gil being a personal friend of Mine, I asked if he would like to be this month's featured site, when he accepted, this is what we came up with!

L2M:When was your site created?
Gil:My site opened in late 98', but before my site was really small and I had no idea what I was doing. So, as I gained experience, my site looked nicer.
L2M:What is your sites best features?
GIL:Hmmm, I never thought about that, but I would say the banners I created and one of the Christmas collages I made.
L2M:What sets it apart from other MC sites?
GIL:The hard, I would say the dedication to my work. I know the site doesn't have the best designs in the world, but I work hard on most of them. The site was created as a "Thank You" to Mariah.So I think thats what makes it different, to have a site that sticks out.
L2M:If you could make your own Number Ones album, what would you include?
GIL:Fantasy(Live @Madison Square Garden 96')
Without You (Live Fantasy @Madison Square Garden)
Anytime You Need A Friend (Out In Japan)
Vision Of Love ( NBC Thanksgiving Special 93')
I'll Be There (NBC TG Special 93')
Honey (music video version with intro)
My All ( Live @ Video Music Awards Monaco)
I Still Believe/Pure Imagination
Hero (Around The World)
Butterfly (Radio Edit)
Can't Let Go
Looking In ( a club mix would be much better )
Close My Eyes
El Amor Que Sone
Mi Todo
Just Be Good To Me

I didn't choose original tracks because, I figured if they were live or re-mixed, it would be a better deal, because you'd be buying a different version of what you have on other cd's already.

L2M:If you were Mariah's friend and she asked you what 2 songs she sould cover on her next album, what would you suggest?
Rose Royce :Wishing On A Star" and
Barbara Lewis "Hello Stranger"
L2M: If you could choose Mariah's next album name, describing what you think of her, what would it be?
GIL:Majestic Value
L2M:If Mariah was to write a song for you describing the way you feel about her, what would it be called?
GIL: Indescribable Feelings
L2M: What is your favorite Mariah, song, album and duet?
Gil: I have tons of favorite Mariah songs, O'Holy Night would be one, she sings it really wonderful and her voice is amazing in that song. My favorite Album is Music Box and my favorite duet is Endless Love, featuring Luther Vandross.
L2M: What have you learned from being a Mariah Carey fan webmaster?
GIL:Being a fan is wonderful, I learn that I can't always have things of her like posters or certain CD's! I learned to bring Mariah into my life. I've watched how she has changed in so many great ways, she still continues to ispire her dreams. On the other hand, being a webmaster is hard. I try to keep my site updated and have new things posted and displayed, but hey I can't always have designs! All in all it is a great experience for me. It keeps me doing my thing as a hobby.


Copywrite Of MFHR

Top Picture:
That's Gil!
Second Picture: Mariah, one of Gils
Third: An example of Gil's handy work,
that is a Mariah Secret agent badge.
His designs include a lot more, even as far as Mariah money.

Go Take a Look!!