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* Letters to Mariah! *
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Enter Letters to Mariah Site!

Blue Beating Heart

Love from your heart, speak from your soul...

look hard...there is always a rainbow...



Enter: Letters to Mariah!
Welcome everyone!
Here at Letters to Mariah, we hope you can in some way benefit from our site. Learn about Mariah, ask trivia questions, submit your Letters and poems and much more!
Explore the site all you want and if there is anything we can do for you or your site, let us know!
There is a good sized staff here, ready to help you all they can. The creator, HarmonyDiva, is very graciuos with her pictures and anything else she may help you with. She'll even take one of your banners for advertising!
We have new campaigns all the time, related to supporting Mariah, or for Mariah. We allow you to take part as frequently as you like.
Always send us your Letters, Poems and songs for a chance to win!
Any problems! Let us know. We are open to so much, and willing to take part in a lot. Lets make Letters to Mariah successful by submitting your letters for Mariah to see!
We always let you know when something new is going on with Mariah. There are banners all over the site for places to vote for Mariah and support her. If you love Mariah you will help all you can. Nothing means more to Mariah, then her fans support, so send us your letters, poems and songs today! And the banner above is for MCRMA, anytime you hear odd news about Mariah and you aren't sure if it's true, notify us and we'll get to the bottom of it!
There are 15 members of MCRMA, join in too!

The whole staff is at one e-mail address now!
The Official Letters to Mariah inbox. You can send all of your Letters, poems and songs to us, plus the mail problems and error complaints!

Letters to Mariah Staff

After the night begins to fade....


**** And then a hero comes along,
with the strength to carry on,
and you cast your fears aside,
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone,
look inside you and be strong,
then you'll finally see the truth,
that a hero lies in you.....MC



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